Shiite Muslims believe Ali, [often referred to with the titles of respect such as Hazrat, Maula or Imam] the Prophet Mohammad’s cousin and son-in-law, was his true successor. Many of them also believe that he was Divine and invoke his name when faced with troubles. “Ya Ali Madad” [Come to my help, Ali] is invoked at times of difficulty. The title Mushkil Gusha [also Mushkil Kusha] is Persian for “Remover of Difficulties.”  Ali is also referred to as Haajat Rawaa or The Fulfiller of Wishes.

Ali was renown as a warrior and was bestowed the title Asadullah or The Lion of God.

"Hazrat Ali was never defeated in a war or a combat throughout his life. His physical strength was beyond human comprehension. He removed from the hinges the strong doors of the Khyber fort with a single jolt of his hand. Later, seven strong men with Abu Ra'fe', the famous strongman, could not lift even an inch from the ground one of the corners of the door. When asked about his wonderful display of strength, in removing the doors, Hazrat Ali replied that it was his divine power." (Sayyidul Ausiya, p. 65)

“He was at the same time master of the Pen and Sword - a rare combination. Even today in the battle fields the Cry of "Ya Ali !"resounds, invoking his help. Sportsmen, Wrestlers and Athletes, taking part in manly games, chant the Slogan of"Ya Ali !" for their victory.." - S.M.A. Rizvi