HOMAGE TO MUSHKIL ASAAN - One who eases difficulties

Many faiths and spiritual beliefs have a celestial being that is invoked for victory over evil, for protection from harm, for healing of illness. This website pays homage to the warrior deities who protect us in times of trouble – Behram Yazad, Saint Michael, and Hazrat Ali.

Some of the attributes of these three celestial beings overlap — Behram Yazad and Saint Michael are both warrior angels as well as healing angels; Behram Yazad and Hazrat Ali take on non-human forms to save those who ask for their protection. However, there is no scholarly evidence that they are different names of the same being, although you may believe it is so if you accept that the Source of All There Is is one and therefore each is also the other because they are part of the same whole.



The story of the woodcutter’s plight and his encounter with Mushkil Asaan, with some variations, is widely known in the Middle East, Iran and India. 

People of Zoroastrian faith recite this story on Fridays and on Behram roj. [The 20th day of the month dedicated to Behram Yazad]. The story is recited on Thursday nights by the Muslims. Muslims measure their days from sunset to sunset so Thursday nights is the beginning of the Muslim holy day, Friday.
The reciter of the story shares special food with listeners or distributes it to the poor. In the Middle East traditions the storytellers share dates; in Iran they distribute nokhod kishmisha, a snack mixture of dates, figs, raisins roasted chickpeas, nuts, and seeds; in India, they share sugar crystals or sweets, roasted chickpeas and cardamom.